Loving What You Do

"I Know how important families are.  That's why I work so hard to make your family's dream become a reality!"
—Doug Martin

There's not much point in going to work every day if you don't enjoy it.

But it's clear from Doug's enthusiasm, energy and expertise that he loves his profession.  But like you, he also loves the time he spends away from work.  Whether it's tinkering with a hot rod with one of his teenage sons, heading out on a bike ride with his wife or enjoying a ballet performance by his youngest daughter, Doug puts the same boundless energy into everything he does.
Doug Martin Does.

Having commitment. To work, family, community...
After spending 25 years in real estate and 25 years with his wife, it might be hard to figure out which is most important to Doug.  But to him, the answer is simple:

"Family always comes first!"

But service to the community isn't very far behind — Doug participates in dozens of charity events each year bringing that same enthusiasm to raising funds for the Children's Miracle Network, supporting a "Cruise-In" to help needy families or simply working a golf tournament to further a local cause.

Sure, Doug has all the right credentials: he's a licensed Broker with CRS and GRI certification, but when you get right down to it, what sets him apart from all the rest is one simple word:


Doug Martin Does.


Doug takes the time to learn about you and your family.  What's important to you is important to him.  Have kids in school?  An unusual job?  Special medical or financial considerations?  All these things can play a critical role in the decisions you make regarding the purchase or sale of a home, so Doug makes a point of asking lots of questions before he ever recommends an approach to you.
Doug Martin Does.

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